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Photo by The Willows Photography by Kaitlyn Morris


We are the Franz family! Proud Owners and Operators of Still Waters Coffeehouse in our beloved Gray, TN community. For our family of 4, Gray has become much more than a nice place to live and raise a family; it has become home.

The concept of Still Waters had been in our hearts for quite some time before opening. There are a few reasons why we decided to make a bold faith-based decision to open a community coffeehouse.

First, people are too busy! Every one of us feels it on a daily basis. Many of us have simply lost the crucial ability to prioritize and value rest. We are passionate about coffee because coffee brings people together. It allows us to pause the “busy”, get together and socialize. We are relational beings and in our high tech, social media driven world, we desperately need to “disconnect” and enter into real genuine conversation. Nothing sparks that opportunity better than an amazing cup of coffee. Secondly, after making the move to Gray, we noticed that we live in the shadow of Johnson City. Most of the folks in our community have to travel outside of Gray in order to find an independent coffeehouse or similar place to relax and socialize. Simply put, we wanted to create a place that can be the anchor for our community and a central spot for us to grow closer together.

We are overwhelmingly thankful that God has given us the opportunity to share our dream with you. Still Waters is special. Not because the building is special, but because EVERY person that comes in its doors makes it special. If you are seeking a little bit of peace in the midst of life’s chaos, we hope that you will find Still Waters to be exactly what you need. We can't wait to meet you! 

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